Norway; land of snowcapped mountains, rugged and cold highlands and beautiful views

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Noorwegen/ Norway

Noorwegen/ Norway

We were almost blown and flushed out of our tent in Røros, but the next day the weather was a lot better. It just was very cold due to the strong, icy wind. From there on, we started on our way home since we would be going South again. Continue reading

Spring/ summer 2017

The leaves on the trees are starting to change color and starting to fall. That means, unfortunately, that summer is over again. The days are getting shorter and we will not cycle as much anymore. Despite that summer didn’t bring us a lot of good weather, we still managed to make some kilometers/miles. But most of those kilometers/miles were ridden during vacations. Continue reading

Back on the road

Summer has arrived, so time for a vacation! It was quite hard to figure out a destination, there are so many choices. But because we only have 3 weeks, we didn’t want to travel very long/far and we wanted an easy to reach destination. So we decided to go cycling in Norway if the weather would be good. If not, the plan was to take the roadbikes and go to France. Continue reading

A week Tenerife

HotelAfter having worked for many months, we just wanted a break. Because it’s winter, most people go skiing but we decided we wanted warmth and sunshine. So, we decided to go someplace warm and sunny to finally enjoy those things we miss so much. But we didn’t just want to lay by a pool or on a beach for a week. Of course we also wanted to cycle! And Tenerife (Canary Islands, belonging to Spain) is a very good place for cyling this time of year… On Tenerife, there’s the volcano Teide, the highest mountain of Spain and a real challenge to ride. So, Tenerife it was! Continue reading