Hilleberg Nammatj 3gt

We have a Hilleberg tent; model Nammatj 3 gt. We’re very content with it, it’s a very good and spacious tent. We can store all our panniers in the front part and then there’s even enough room for us to sit there, for example when the weather’s bad. It also is waterproof, even during heavy and long rain showers we never had any leakage.

Downside of the tent is that it’s a tunneltent and therefor it catches a lot of wind. You have to take that in mind when you’re trying to find a good camping spot. The innertent is a bit short for long(er) people. Because your feet touch the back of the innertent you get a wet sleeping bag in moist conditions. A solution is to put goretex/rain jacket over the feet of the sleeping bag.

We’re a bit less content with the zippers of this tent. We’ve had quite a lot of problems with them. According to Hilleberg the problem is dirt and dust. Because sand gets between the teeth of the zipper, the sliders wear quickly. This causes the zipper to open up again after you closed it. Not nice when it’s cold or when you’re in an area with lots of mosquitos. Hilleberg mentions on its website that you should clean the zippers regularly with a (tooth)brush, but when you pitch your tent after a long day on the bike or hiking you don’t want to have to clean your zippers.

We emailed Hilleberg and told them about our problem. They sent us new sliders (to Argentina) without hesitation and we put them in. Very good service. It worked, but after a couple of weeks, the problem started again, even though we did clean the zippers regularly. We contacted Hilleberg again and they sent us a new innertent for free. So we’re very pleased and content with the service Hilleberg provides.

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