Wij/ us

Wij/ us

We are Ronnie de Jong and Linda Hofstra. We live in Heerenveen, The Netherlands, together with our cat Kiki. We like to spend our free time in an active way, like hiking, snowboarding and of course cycling. It all started out with a mountainbike which we brough along on vacations. Then a roadbike followed, but when that also wasn’t adventurous enough we bought trekking bikes. We both bought a Santos Travelmaster, a Dutch brand. Since then we try to cycle as much as possible.

After we bought those bikes, we also wanted to use them on our vacations. The first longer trips we took were long weekends. We liked it so much that we decided to go on longer trips. Our first longer vacation was a 5 week trip in northern Spain in 2009. In 2010 we cycled 2 weeks through Norway and we liked that country so much that we went back in 2011, this time we added a part of Sweden to the trip.

So we enjoy cycling, but to add a little diversity to our activities we also went hiking. At first we did only dayhikes in the national parks of the different countries we visited but in November 2010 we went on our first real hiking trip. We went to Patagonia, to the national parks Los Glaciares in Argentina and Torres del Paine in Chile, ultimate hiking destinations.

Hiking was nice for a change, but we like cycling better. So we decided to cycle from Ushuaia in Argentina to Alaska, our first really big trip. We quit our jobs, booked a flight, packed everything we thought we needed and left on December 11th 2012 for a trip of about 1,5 years through the America’s.

3 thoughts on “Us

  1. Hey Ronnie en Linda,

    Ontzettend inspirerend en jaloersmakend om jullie verhalen te lezen en en moedig om zomaar je baan op te zeggen!
    Ik hoop dat jullie ons kunnen helpen een advies te geven waar we t beste kunnen eindigen en starten voor een 3 weekse fietsvakantie in Patagonie. We zijn twee 33 jarige jongens die veel fietsen en (wild)kamperen prima vinden en graag van t gebaande pad wijken. We hopen een goede combi te vinden van open vlaktes maar ook beboste (single) tracks.

    Veel plezier met jullie reizen en post nog vele jaloersmakende fotos!

    Marc en Ben

  2. Hi Guys

    Hope you are enjoying your trip!!!

    It would be great if you could get in touch as I am looking for bloggers to run some ad campaigns with (which means I am happy to pay you). I work with companies who provide cycling holidays/trips all over the world so your content is perfect for what I am looking to achieve.

    Happy cycling Ronnie and Linda 🙂


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