Border – Ipiales: 3 km (2 mile) climb

Ipiales – Pasto: first 1000 meters (3000 ft) descending in 44 kms (26 miles), but with 300 meters (900 ft) of climbing in between, then 1400 meters (4200 ft) up in 28 kms (17 miles); 5/6%. Down to Pasto.

Pasto – Popayan (hot): from Pasto an 8 km (5 mile) climb of 300 meters (900 ft), then a 42 km (25 mile) downhill to 1900 meters (5700 ft). Then 600 meters (1800 ft) up in 14 kms (8 miles), not very steep. Down to Remolino. Till El Bordo everything up and down. To Rosas a (steeper) climb of 800 meters (2400 ft). Further to Popayan another climb of 550 meters (1650 ft) and then short, steeper hills.

Popayan – Cali (145 km): possible to do it in 1 long day. First 85 kms (51 miles) (till Santander) extreme hilly, then completely flat.

Cali – Medellin (via Cartago/Pereira/Chinchina): till Tulua completely flat, then a bit more hilly till Cartago. After Cartago it gets more hilly and it’s a busy road. Right after Pereira a steep climb of 250 meters (750 ft). Around Chinchina hilly (coffee area). To La Pintada mostly flat and down with a few small hills. From La
Pintada uphill; 1800 meters (5400 ft) in 43 kms (26 miles) (till Santa Barbara 28 kms/17 miles). Downhill to Medellin.

Medellin – Caucasia: flat out of the city (about 40 kms/ 24 miles). Then 900 meters (2700 ft) ascent in 13,5 kms (8,5 miles). A little down and then back up again, hilly. Down to Santa Rosa and a little further. Then 250 meters (750 miles) up. Flat and down till right before Yarumal, up 250 meters (750 ft) to Yarumal.

Medellin – Planeta Rica: flat out of the city (about 40 kms, 24 miles). Then a climb; 900 meters up in 13,5 kms  (8 miles). A little down and back up, hilly. Down to Santa Rosa and a little further. Then up 250 meters (750 ft). Flat and down till right before Yarumal. Another ascent 250 meters (750 ft) to Yarumal and antother 200
meters (600 ft) further. Down and up again. After about 223 kms after Yarumal you really go down. A descent of 2000 meters (6000 ft) in about 35 kms (21 miles), till Puerto Valdivia. Mostly flat till Planeta Rica, a few hills.

Planeta Rica – Tolu: till Monteria very hilly, constant up and down. Monteria to Lorica is completely flat, then hilly again till Coveñas and from there on flat to Tolu. You hit the coast at Coveñas.

Tolu – Cartagena: mainly flat, a bit hilly till San Onoffre. Before Cartagena ascent of about 200 meters (600 ft), then downhill to city

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