A rainy end

We wanted to go back South, to Bergen, along the coast and we hoped the weather would be kind on us since the Norwegian coast is known for its rain. And unfortunately that reputation proved to be true… From Sunday on, it rained every day, sometimes just drizzle but often very hard.

The route was very hilly, but also very nice. We chose the small roads as much as possible. We had to go on many small ferries to get to the other side of the fjords and then always climbed up hills to get to the other side of the peninsula, to then descend again to yet another ferry.

We arrived in Bergen in the pouring rain, but fortunately we could stay with people so we didn’t have to camp out in the rain again. After a very nice evening and a relaxed morning, we cylced the last 2 kms (1,5 miles) in the drizzly rain to the city center from where the ferry to Denmark left at 1:30 pm.

We arrived in Hirtshals, Denmark, the next day at 7:30 am. When we disembarked, we were welcomed by an enormous shower. We cycled to the car, which was still there waiting for us, as fast as possible and loaded everything in.­­­­­ During the ride home we were regularly suprised by pouring rain, which made the road flood. We arrived home at the end of the afternoon.

We had a good time in beautiful Norway. Cylcing there absolutely isn’t easy, there are almost no flat parts. The reward for the long and steep climbs is big, though; it’s a beautiful world up there, usually covered in snow and ice.

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