More snow and ice

After a day of rest, we continued North on a nice and pretty easy cycle route to Voss. From there, we had to go up again, til about 1000 meters (3000 ft). We passed ski resorts and it didn’t take long before we were back in snow and ice.

After another short and not so hard day, the real challenge was there. We wanted to cross on the Sognefjell road to the other side of the mountains. That road is the highest road in Northern Europe and that meant that we had to go from sealevel to 1434 meters (4300 ft). It was 1 long climb till 1300 meters (3900 ft) and then it continued climbing gradually. Another world of snow and ice. Close to the top is a summerski area where they practise cross-country skiing. It was very busy there, they were having some sort of training week for the Norwegian Youth team. The descent to Lom was long and mostly very gradual, so that was nice, and it got warmer and warmer which we also appreciated much.

From Lom, we cycled through a valley with many farms before we had to ascent back to 900 meters (2700 ft). There, we took a turn to the Gamle Strynefjellet, a beautiful and mostly unpaved road through rocks, snow and ice. The road gradually ascended, but that was hardly  noticeable. Just before the descent, there was another summerski center, this time with many snowboarders. And it was cold! The descent was spectacular, one hairpin after another! It was like it would never end, we went from about 1100 meters (3300 ft) to sealevel in just a few kilometers. The last part to Stryn was mostly flat and followed a fjord.

From here, we will sort of follow the coast to go back South to get to Bergen.

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