The battle with the wind

When we got on our bikes, the wind was indeed very favorable. It was storming, but we had tailwind so it was great. We flew over the road. But after about 20 miles it was over. The storm hit us from the side and we got blown off the road from time to time. Sometimes we even had a headwind. We started to not like it anymore. Our speed went from about 15 mph to about 9 mph. And the sun which had been shining on our faces disappeared and it got cold. We fought with that wind for about 45 miles. Continue reading


After a noisy night at the border with not much sleep, we passed both borders. Had no problems. Immediately after the Argentine border started an unpaved road with lots of holes. We lost our fuelbottles there… Not so good, because we need those for cooking. Fortunately we could also cook on gas, so we used that that night. Continue reading

There’s no such thing as coincedence

We left Tolhuin this morning to go to Rio Grande. Late last night, another guest arrived; a Mexican guy who lives in Belgium. A very interesting guy. But this morning it was time to go on and say goodbye. The moment we got on our bikes, it started raining and it didn’t stop. Only at the very end it finally stopped. The road went downhill and then became flat with a few hills. Paradise for us! Only in the beginning we had headwind, but then it changed and we had tailwind! Continue reading