Reserva Nacional Malalcahuello – Nalcas

After another restday, forced by the bad weather, we did a sidetrip to the next vulcano; Lonquimay. The town is at an altitude of about 950 meters (3000 ft) and we had to go up to 1815 meters (5500 ft), where a hike to a sidecrater of the volcano started. The volcano last erupted in December 1988 and on Christmasday of that year, there was a second eruption from this sidecrater. Continue reading

National Park Conguillio

The campground close to the not-so-interesting town of Cunco was very nice, so we decided to stay there for a day. We had a great and big spot with a picknicktable with a roof, light and electricity. And also, just, view on the volcano Villarrica in the distance. There also was a pool; the water was pretty cold, but it was nice to just sit there in the sunshine with the legs in the water. Continue reading

Vulcano Lanin

There are 2 different routes from Junin toward the Chilean border. The one is a sheltered route through a forest of monkey trees and the other is more open and passes the base of the volcano Lanin. Because the wind was going to be favorable for a change, south/southeast instead of the usual west, we decided to do the open route. With tailwind on a paved road that should not be a problem. Continue reading