Paso de Jama

After 5 days in San Pedro and a total of almost 3 weeks of doing (almost) nothing, it was time to start the very hard trip to and over the Paso de Jama to Argentina. The Paso de Jama is the bordercrossing between both countries, but to get there you have to cross 2 passes of over 4800 m (14.500 ft). Just as high as the Mont Blanc in France… Continue reading

San Pedro de Atacama

After 2 weeks of doing nothing and 1,5 great week at Jan and Antonia’s, it was time to say goodbye and go on. We had booked a bustrip to Calama, a trip that would take about 22 hours. From there we had to take another bus to San Pedro de Atacama. Because it was such a long journey, we had booked the most luxurious seats they had, seats you can turn into a bed. Just like 1st class on a plane. Continue reading


We got picked up in Santa Maria by Jan and Antonia from Santiago. We met them in Los Alerces NP in Argentina (when we were going north and they were going south) and they invited us to stay with them if we wanted to go to Santiago. It was a very nice evening. We all had dinner and it was already pretty late when we left for the city. The bikes and panniers all fit in the back of the pick up easily. Continue reading

Reserva Nacional Malalcahuello – Nalcas

After another restday, forced by the bad weather, we did a sidetrip to the next vulcano; Lonquimay. The town is at an altitude of about 950 meters (3000 ft) and we had to go up to 1815 meters (5500 ft), where a hike to a sidecrater of the volcano started. The volcano last erupted in December 1988 and on Christmasday of that year, there was a second eruption from this sidecrater. Continue reading

National Park Conguillio

The campground close to the not-so-interesting town of Cunco was very nice, so we decided to stay there for a day. We had a great and big spot with a picknicktable with a roof, light and electricity. And also, just, view on the volcano Villarrica in the distance. There also was a pool; the water was pretty cold, but it was nice to just sit there in the sunshine with the legs in the water. Continue reading

Vulcano Lanin

There are 2 different routes from Junin toward the Chilean border. The one is a sheltered route through a forest of monkey trees and the other is more open and passes the base of the volcano Lanin. Because the wind was going to be favorable for a change, south/southeast instead of the usual west, we decided to do the open route. With tailwind on a paved road that should not be a problem. Continue reading