Spring/ summer 2017

The leaves on the trees are starting to change color and starting to fall. That means, unfortunately, that summer is over again. The days are getting shorter and we will not cycle as much anymore. Despite that summer didn’t bring us a lot of good weather, we still managed to make some kilometers/miles. But most of those kilometers/miles were ridden during vacations. Continue reading

Christmas in The Netherlands

Vanuit Heerenveen willen wij iedereen gezellige feestdagen en een gelukkig, gezond en avontuurlijk 2015 wensen!

From our home in The Netherlands we want to wish everybody a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and adventurous 2015!

Desde nuestra casa en Holanda, queremos desear a todos un Feliz Navidad/Buon Natale y mucho prosperidad, salud y aventura en 2015!

SPOT (tracking)

Finally our SPOT works! We had to cycle about 3000 kms (1800 miles) for it, but now it finally works. The satellite doesn’t have any coverage in the South. From now on it should be possible to also follow us on the map and to see where we really are at that moment.

December 13th; Ron’s birthday

Thursday December 13th, we celebrated Ron’s birthday despite of the stress of the lost luggage. Decorated our hotelroom and had a cup of coffee/tea with a delicious piece of pie. Tonight a glass of wine with dinner and then it’s over again already.

Last check-up for Linda’s bike

I (Ron) completely cleaned and checked Linda’s bike this week. The bike won’t stay this clean for long! I put on new handlebars (grips), chainrings and pulleys. Also, all bolts have been greased and turned.

Bike after check-up

I also put a new bottle holder on the bike. It’s a special one, which can carry all sorts and sizes of bottles.

Santos bottleholder