This was it…

It’s already Friday again, which means that my 2 weeks in Malaga are over. I had a very good time and met some nice people. The days were tyring but usefull. I hope I will remember enough to be able to talk in the Americas.


Saturday we went to Sevilla with a few people from school. It’s a beautiful city with a lot of history. There’s a cathedral which is built in the 15th century. The tower is built in the 11th century by the Arabs who were in control here back then. The Plaza the Espana is the Spanish pavillion of the World Expo in 1929 in Sevilla.

First week in Malaga

The first week is already over. It was a nice, but pretty tiring week. Lots of grammar and another 3 hours of conversation class every day. Grammar isn’t too bad, but I need to work on my vocabulary.

The city of Malaga is very big, but the city centre is very nice. There are lots of old buildings, a very large cathedral and because it’s located at the shore there are beaches and a harbor. Pablo Picasso was born here and there’s a small museum which show some of his work.

Last check-up for Linda’s bike

I (Ron) completely cleaned and checked Linda’s bike this week. The bike won’t stay this clean for long! I put on new handlebars (grips), chainrings and pulleys. Also, all bolts have been greased and turned.

Bike after check-up

I also put a new bottle holder on the bike. It’s a special one, which can carry all sorts and sizes of bottles.

Santos bottleholder