Everything breaks down

With the one problem solved, the next has arrived. This time it´s not the bikes, but the computer. The right side of the keyboard isn´t working anymore, together with some of the other keys. So it takes a lot of (extra) time to write about our adventures. We can´t buy a new computer over here because they use a different keyboard over here. So we´re going to have to wait a few weeks, until we´re in the US. Till that time no long stories, but we´ll try to write something short once in a while and post pictures.

From San Cristobal we descended to the coast, where the heat was excruciating. It was almost impossible to cycle there. Even just waIking to the store was hard in that heat. We had the choice of taking the coastaI route or the mountain route. The mountain route was a Iot more work, but concidering the lower temperatures we chose that option. It was a good choice; the route is nice and it´s warm but not too warm. And the nights are cool, so we can sleep again. The scenery is dry and arid, but nice. We have to cIimb a lot, but there´s also a lot of descending. The cIimbs usuaIIy are not very steep and not very Iong, so the cycIing is pretty nice.

After a few hard days of climbing we arrived in the colonial city of Oaxaca where we enjoyed a well deserved day of rest in a hostel with a huge kitchen. So we could cook our own meals again.

Right before Oaxaca we crossed an area with a lot of agaves. Alongside the road were many signs of Mezcal factories. They make Mezcal (a sort of Tequila) from all those agaves. The smell around those little factories sometimes was so strong that it almost made us drunk.

We went around Mexico City because we absoIuteIy didn´t want to there. We didn´t want to cycIe through a city with more than 20 million inhabitants. We almost rounded the city right now.

Now we´re continuing northwest till we´re in Mazatlan. There we take the ferry to the peninsuIa of Baja California. We wiII cycle north to the border of the US.

3 thoughts on “Everything breaks down

  1. Gaat weer lekkerrrr 🙂 Het stof zal misschien zijn tol eisen bij/ op jullie PC.

    Groeten van ons.

    Wimpel 9

  2. We maakten ons al bijna ongerust, maar de problemen zijn gelukkig ‘slechts’ het toetsenbord. De foto’s en omgeving zijn heel mooi, ook die van Ronnie als keukenprins.
    Hier krijgt het voorjaar steeds meer greep op het weer. Vandaag wordt in Nederland de 20 graden overschreden, best bijzonder voor 20 maart.

    Geke en René

  3. Hmmmm, even wegdromen op mijn werk naar jullie reis door Mexico. Ik kan maar 1 ding zeggen: geniet!!!

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